Got a Sears Kenmore Elite high efficiency washing machine 6 months ago to replace Kenmore used for 12 years. Now, it is recalled and I can no longer wash mattress pads and mattress covers in the machine anymore.

I spent 16 hours at home waiting for the Sears service people to come and they either cancelled or never showed up. They did a software update, but I still cannot wash mattress pads and mattress covers in the machine and the drum is still unbalanced. Now I have to wait for another tech. I want a replacement of a machine that I can wash the items and Sears refuses.

They offered me an insulting $40 gift card. They are the worst company and now blame LG since they make the machine, but it under Sears Kenmore label and sold it to me.

I cannot get anywhere. Can we get a class action suit.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I have the same problem on model 29272 top loader, after the recall firmware update my washing takes almost 2 hours. Sometimes I have to stop the machine and manually switch to rinse and spin and waint another 45 min to finish.

I been fighting customer service for over a year and I always hang out out of frustration. Finally, im going to get a tech come look at the software upgrade hopefully they dont come up with some more BS.

Next time I am not buying a Kenmore product. Not the way ther were build before.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #619775

I have a recalled Kenmore Elite Washer purchased 11/11. It was upgraded1/26/13 for new settings.

Since upgrade my wash times are so extended I can only use normal settings. For example the towel setting is now 102 min, Heavy is 110 min white is 141 min. Sanitize is 300 min. I have had techs replace the board but it did not change the settings.

They have been out 3 times and tell me there is noting they can do to fix it. I have been in contact with customer solutions. They said the tech would come and deem the machine unrepairable. The tech told me he canon's deem it unrepairable as these are the setting given to them by LG.

I called LG they said I would have to call Sears. So no one seems to be able to help me. I have a Master agreement but they said they can't help me as it is a recall. No one seems to know what to do.

I have had 4 repair appts and many hours on the phone. I really don't know where to go from here. I never would have purchased this machine with long cycle times.

I doubt that it is energy efficient anymore.

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