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On March 20, 2014 I purchased an oven from Sears for approx. $2,695.

It was delivered on March 29th. The oven did not work. It gave me an error code. I called Sears more than 15 times!

I was sent to India, China, Mexico, basically all over the world for 2 weeks! When Sears finally told me that they do not service Dacor. I finally told Sears to give me a refund. They convinced me that it was just that oven and they would replace it.

I agreed. On May 4, 2014 a new oven was installed. You guessed it, it did not work! I started calling Sears on May 10th to request a refund.

I have spoken with more than 8 representatives and have been on hold for more than 14 hours! Each one has promised me that the oven will be picked up within 24 to 48 hours. Each time the installer calls me (twice only) to schedule a date to install. I explain that it is not an install but an uninstall, he/she tells me that don't do that.

I need to call Sears back! I really want to sue them but then I would have to pay attorney's fees!

(I forgot to say that every time I ask for a manager I am told "I am a manager." Sears has a lot of managers.

Monetary Loss: $2695.

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