on 11/1/2011, I tried to place an order online for a stroller to be delivered to my son and daughter-in-law. The order would go only to the credit card information and then would say unable to process this order at this time.

The next morning on 11/2/11 I went into the local Target store and was told they do not place orders to be delivered in another state but I could buy the stroller there and ship it. I call the online service and spoke with a women named Katlin, who took all my information, but could not understand the billing address (MINE) was different from the shipping address and transfered me to her supervisor, Monette. Monette was very rude and snippy and kept putting me on hold and after 28 minutes she gave me a tracking number of #13124842513. I received a confirmation email with a delivery date.

After it did not arrived and the tracking # did not work I called back and was told the order was never placed and I would have to give them all the information again.

I walked into SEARS, went to their online computer and brought the same stroller, for less, and my son picked it up at their store that afternoon. Needless to say I will never use you online gift registery ever again

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