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So here we are again, last week I posted that our Kenmore fridge that's only a little over 5 yrs old and cost $3000, broke. After having to wait a week for the Sears tech we then had to wait another wk for the parts.

The day of the appointment came and went and when we called sears we were directed to the Philippines and then later to Columbia where we were told lies and that finally one of the parts had not been ordered and that we would have to wait another week for the remaining part and technician. So now it's 3 wks without a fridge, I have two small toddlers, we went through a snow blizzard that hit the east coast without being able to even get milk for them because we have nowhere to keep it. I was contacted by a Sears FB rep saying they had escalated the situation and that one of their reps would contact me, NO ONE did! And after trying to reach out to them again several times I have not received a response.

The appointment was rescheduled twice and now tomorrow we are suppose to shell out $400 to repair a $3000 fridge that has been nothing but headaches since we got it.

I will never buy a Sears fridge again!!! And will recommend against it to anyone that asks!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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