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The temperature gauge was not working on my refrigertaor and I called to schedule an appointment with Sears Service. The technician came out and said I needed to defrost my refrigerator and he would order parts, returning in 10 days.

10 days came, my fridge was defrosted, and no one showed up. I called Sears and they said the parts weren't in and that my appt. was only tentative. My receipt clearly stated, customer defrost fridge and appt scheduled for July 16 8-12.

I waited at home sending my family ahead of me to Disco Bay and received not even an apology for no one showing up. They said I was supposed to call when the parts arrived. What? Last I checked, I was a teacher, not a service repairwoman.

Because my fridge was defrosted over night, I did lose some food. Do you think Sears cares? They just rescheduled for July 22nd.

3 weeks with a non working refrigerator. Never again will I use Sears!

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