I went to Sears for the Memorial Day sale, wanting a new refrigerator. The clerk was inexperienced and showed me a floor model with an ice maker, commenting on the ice maker as a selling point.

i chose that fridge and bought it. When it was delivered - no ice maker. Turns out, he forgot to tell me it was optional and extra! I went back to the store to complain and an hour later, they had worked out a comp to just give me one with an ice maker (that was the one nice thing they did in this fiasco) and we arranged an exchange.

However, when the new fridge came, guess what - the door wouldn't close properly. I had to push it to make it close and the seal didn't connect. Also, my freezer was accumulating ice rapidly. I called the Sears repair guy, who said the door hinges were broken and suggested I just exchange it.

I spent another lovely hour hanging out with the Sears guys trying to arrange an exchange (at one point, the main office people wanted to charge me $28 to deliver the exchange!). Well, I finally got the call to schedule a delivery two days later, only it was for 4-6 tonight and I work till 6. I called them back to tell them and they said I was the last delivery and they would have the delivery guys call me to see if i could meet them here around 6:20. I specifically clarified that they would need to call my cell.

I got home tonight to discover they had called my home number around 4:00 and tried to deliver it at 4:30.

At this point, i can't even decide whether to do the exchange or just have them take it back and get a refund and go to Lowes. Seriously fed up!

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