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My 93 year old Mother purchased a 3 thousand dollar +$ refrigerator. When it arrived and was unpacked, my sister was present and pointed out the fefrigerator had a dent in the door.

My Mother said she could not see the dent from where she was sitting.The delivery men did not tell my Mother that she had to refuse that fefrigerator in order to get a replacement. They failed to mention that. When I learned what had happened, within 24 hours I called the Sears store and reported the dent. There was a 70 hour period to report any problems.The person I spoke to in the large appliance department at the Sears store said it would be taken care of -that Sears would be sending a door replacement.

That NEVER happened! When I confronted the manager he said he had no record of me calling. HOW ABOUT THAT after the person I spoke to said he put the information in the computer! The manager blamed the costumer service department and the customer service blamed the manager and this went back and forth for several weeks.

I even meet face to face two times with the store manager in Johnson City, Tennessee where the appliance was purchased.No help-just an attitude that the store would not do anything.I am soooo disappointed in Sears!I HOPE A SEARS CEO READS THIS! Since the door fiasco the ice maker had to be fixed and the refrigerator froze up all behind the crisper and meat drawer. They have replaced the computer board and used a steamer to defrost the ice.The refrigerator is labeled a Kenmore Elite but the repairman said it is actually an LG. When the repairman left the house I had to run outside and have him come back into the house because water was running from underneath the refrigerator on to the floor.

The repairman said it was the overflow tray and it would stop and he left. In the next hour we had much more water run from underneath the refrigerator and flood the floor. I called Sears and they would not help. At the time I called Sears about the water the repairman had left our house only 30 minutes prior (at 5:00 P.M.) and was going to make another house call in our town -so he was still close by when they contacted him to return to our house, but he never came.

That was Wednesday and today is Saturday and we have never heard a word from Sears. The water did stop flooding after about two hours but Sears has yet to check back with us.The last problem is the bent copper tube which brings water to the ice maker.The repairman pushed the refrigerator back too far against the wall.It remains to be seen if the ice maker continues to work.Sears has all kinds of tricks so the consumer can not declare an appliance with an extended warrantee a LEMON!!!

My final word is DO NOT buy appliances from Sears!!!!!They do not stand behind their products. We have a large family who has always purchased our appliances from Sears, but no more!

Reason of review: bad quality,poor customer service,damaged goods1.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Replacement of the same value as purchased.

I didn't like: Item damaged, Poor customer service, Lies.

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