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I purchased a Kenmore Elite Food Processor in 2010.I have moved and in the process, I lost the receipt.

I figured they could look it up and would be no problem. I have had to replace this piece of junk one other time and never even had to present the receipt. Now, I go to the store and they refuse to help me. I called the Kenmore number and the 4myhome number and all I get is transferred to another individual that cannot seem to help.

On the box of my item, it clearly states a 5 year warranty and a LIFETIME motor warranty. They refuse to honor their own warranty. It sucks. I just built a house and purchased thousands of dollars worth of appliances and have had trouble with the dishwasher already.

Sears bites. I will never purchase anything from them again. I just want my item replaced like they should. Instead, they offer me a gift card that won't even cover the price I paid for the item.

Everything is computerized now, there is no reason, they couldn't find it if they WANTED to.I say we should boycott sears from now on.

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