After I ordered an iPod on sears.com. on December 7, 2011, a red message appeared to say it could not be returned to Sears. I immediately called the phone number on the screen and asked a Sears representative to cancel that order. She said she was able to and told me with my daughter listening on speaker that the order was canceled. A few days after that, I received the merchandise from an apartment in Seattle with no packing information. The cover of the plastic case was scratched up and I didn't open it to even see if it worked. On the package above my name and address was a note in capital letters "PLEASE READ NOTE". Apparently, whoever had this item wanted to get rid of it bad because the note was partially crossed out with a black pen.

I have been trying to return the item for weeks. After numerous calls and e-mails to Sears Customer Service *(What A Joke), they finally told me it wasn't their problem and I needed to contact some fradulant company called "Discounts Direct". I can't even get this company to respond to any e-mails or phone calls. I tried to contact the Better Business Bureau about them but they claim the company does not exist. The bottom line is that Sears took my money, their representative told me the order was canceled and I was told tough luck it wasn't their problem. I know I will never buy anything from Sears again and encourage my family and friends to do likewise. It's no wonder this company is failing. I'd like to join a class action law suit to go after these clowns. MY RECOMMENDATION IS TO NEVER TRUST SEARS AND BY YOUR MERCHANSDISE ELSEWHERE.

Pissed In Pittsburgh

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You are so ***...you are blaming a company when it obviously you that are at fault. Stop trying to get something for nothing


So when you found out it couldn't be returned, you cancelled your order? Why did you order something when you knew you were going to return it?

Something smells fishy. You were probably trying to scam them somehow and it blew up in your face.

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