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UPDATE: While the Fed Reserve is conducting their meetings concerning the financial risks, liabilities, etc. play EXTREMELY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING FROM SHLD CONCERNING another incident of continuing to conduct get to your finances (your pockets) through another clear example of FRAUD.

Predatory Lending, (which is always a FLIP) to generate and stabilize another avenue to place the CONSUMER in a worse situation. Please note details from SHLD in a press release just ANNOUNCED @ 8:00 a.m. EST. Here is the latest link.

Caveat Emptor!

Original review posted by user May 01, 2018

Just when I PROMISED to cease and desist! xD. This comment is made on behalf of my Field of Profession within FALCON and all of the real time world monitoring of Financial Transactions 24/7. I posted a rather lengthy CONSUMER experience my mother underwent (which was personal); however, now in this instance, I post this diatribe as a PROFESSIONAL directly engaged in the Fraud Prevention/Detection/Investigation field. Please be patient with me, as there are assurances and direct intervention by persons like myself who are directly in this PLAYING FIELD.

I understand where you are coming from. Be PROACTIVE and don't worry about this 'diversion'. As my posthumous mentor, Marcus Aurelius stated: "Everything we HEAR is an OPINION, not a fact. Everything we see is a PERSPECTIVE, not the TRUTH."

Your DISPUTE and the charge backs are already occurring by the Fraud Analyst who has been assigned to your case, depending upon if the account tied in is directly related to a major CC, through in House and through Financial Market MONITORING. It normally (and is compliant) by the investigator assigned to conduct an investigation within 5 business days to collect and conduct the matter. You won't be given details as to How, (In-House), but your issuing financial institution will both protect and back you ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Since the DATA BREECH reported by SHLD (Sears Holding) press wise occurred ONE MINUTE before Midnight on April 27th, 2018 to NASDAQ (RED, RED FLAG, no UB40, lol), should give you the 'heads up' that smoke and mirrors are already in play. DON'T BE DUPED. Those charges you trusted Sears to conduct legally, opened you and countless others to FRAUD and IDENTITY THEFT. The details of your experiences now clearly identifies and proves that the corpse of full disclosure is well past embalming and throwing cat litter over it to buy more time. Follow up, Follow up follow up, no matter what happens.

At the same time, be realistic, calm and rest. I empathize and attest this, since I have been in your place, but now am the Fox in the Hen house, and Sears don't like it. SHC contends that only certain accounts may have been compromised (SHC already lied about it), so DON'T continue to BELIEVE the lie. With SHC's (Sears) 'admission of guilt' it is already PUBLIC, but not to you or your Financial Institution. It is monitored activity...REGARDLESS of the dry 'oatmeal' they want you to be silent about. This involves both Kmart and Sears....which is a disaster, nonetheless.

Arm yourself with your data, monitor all of your accounts related (including email) and you will discover that only you can make the decision to see it through and assist others who are in this situation. As a Fraud Analyst/Investigator, I and all of my colleagues world wide are with you and fighting for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

---Rash Adelie Penquin

Reason of review: Fraud Investigation.

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