I took my car to the Reno Sears Auto Center to have the tires rotated and balanced because the car had a high speed shimmy. The balancing wasn’t done and the car still had a high speed shimmy on the way home. I brought my car back two days later to have them do the balancing work that wasn’t done the first time. When I picked up the car the second time, there was a large crack in the front windshield. This was not there when I dropped the car off. I showed the manger the cracked window. I also noticed that the car had 29 more miles on the odometer than when I dropped it off – so they had taken it for a long “test” drive.

The manager asked me to call Sears Customer Relations - which is actually a third party claims administrator that is outsourced to Sedgwick Corporation. I called Sears Customer Relations (Sedgwick Corporation) and opened a claim. A few days later the claims associate called and told me I could go prove my case in court because the Reno Sears Auto Center was disputing the damage.


I’ve been a loyal Sears customer since 1969 and I’ve never been treated like that by Sears or by any business. I’ve also never filed a claim against any business. I sent a detailed email to their third party claims associate indicating that I would be more than happy to take them to court. They paid for the repair in full - but not without a fight. They also left 2 lug nut covers off which they replaced but I had to make a separate trip to pick them up. In all, I had to make 3 trips and the car still has a high speed shimmy. I’m not going back.

I recommend that you do not take your car to Sears Auto Center in Reno for any automotive work. If you do, make sure you take pictures of the entire car before you drop it off. You’ll need them.

Monetary Loss: $282.

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