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I called Sears for a dishwasher repair on the December 11, 2007. THey earliest available service call was December 19th.

After being told the repairman would be at my home at 1:00 p.m on the 19th I waited until 2:15 p.m which wasn't horrible. The man got on the floor and looked into the dishwasher and told me it would cost 186.00 to repair but he didn't have the part. He would have to order it which would take at least 5 days. That would run into Christmas so it would be after Christmas before my dishwasher was repaired.

Firstly, I can buy a new dishwasher for not too much more that the cost quoted but more than that is the time without the dishwasher and the lost time at work. From the 11th of December to whenever is not satisfactory! I told him I would make other arrangements but it cost me 50.00 just to get him out of my house.

I picked up the Yellow Pages and had a comittment for the next day and much less cost and I didn't have to lose two days of work in order to get my repair.

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i usually got problem with my sears appliance which waste my time waiting for the services that have to be provided.they never,in my time came to solve what they are called for.

a few days back i found the one which helped me in sears appliance repair and they are the best in town.i really appreciate their services.

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