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About a week and a half ago, my Craftsman lawn tractor lost a bow-tie cotter pin. If you don't know what that is, it's a tiny piece of metal that holds pieces of the tractor together.

I was mowing my lawn and one broke off somewhere. The cutting deck dropped on the left side and carved my lawn up. I called and scheduled a repair appointment under the warranty. I gave them two numbers for the technician to call when he came out (if they don't get a hold of you, they don't show).

The tech only called one because he was only given one by someone at customer support. I was sitting here waiting and they didn't call me. I called and was told it would be another week and a half before they could get the tech out again. Unacceptable.

I told them I knew what part was broken and I could fix it if they sent a new one (which I told them the first time) and she said "Oh sure, we can send it to you!" She put me on hold for about five minutes, came back for two seconds and we got disconnected. I called back and there was no record of the call or the order so I had to explain everything all over again to someone else. It's still going to take a week to get the part. It's about four inches long and one inch wide.

It's a tiny piece of metal. And it's going to take a week to get to me?

I asked about expedited shipping since it was their fault and he said, "Your warranty doesn't cover expedited shipping." Of course it doesn't. ***.

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So, I can't say the words "screw" and "you" together. I guess those asterisks at the end was this site's way of censoring me.


The name of this site is "pissed consumer" and I can't express how pissed I am? Well, *** too.