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I am writing to tell you about our very upsetting sears experience. My husband and I both had been out of the country while my father was at our home watching our four young children.

While here our washing machine, which is fairly new and was bought at sears, stopped working. It was reading a code that said the door was open, however the door was shut. You can imagine the laundry that was building up having four young children. My father made the EARLIEST appointment , which was Sat.

between 3-7 (four days after the machine broke). Because he had to take my daughter to a 3:00 soccer game and then pick me up at the airport, he hired someone for $15.00 an hour to sit in our house and wait for the repair man. She was there from 2:30-5:00. We all walked in the door at 4:45 and she said no one had arrived, but that the phone did ring once just a few minutes prior to us coming home but she was in the restroom and unable to get to the phone in time.

I immediately (despite the fact that I had not seen my kids for over a week) picked up the phone to check the messages. It was from sears saying the repairman was on his way to our house, his last and final stop. If there was is a problem or we need to reschedule to please call 1800 469 4663. Since there was not a problem AND we did not need to reschedule, we did not call!

We assumed from that message he would be there at any moment. After an hour of waiting and snuggling our children, we thought it was odd that the repair man had not yet arrived so we called the 1800 number. The first time we called the women disconnected us. So we called back.

The second time . This time we got a representative that said the repair man decided to NOT COME to our house since we did not answer when he called. WHAT? I still have the voice mail on my machine and It CLEARLY states that I should call if there is a problem with him coming.

We asked to speak to a supervisor and we were transferred to Aron #803565, who I have to admit stayed very calm despite how upset both my husband and I were/are, he went on to inform us that the next soonest appointment would be next Thursday…9 days from when my father first called. As I stated to Aron on several occasions, this is unacceptable. We have called anther repair company that is coming out TODAY and fixing the issue.

We will no longer be using SEARS for any of our needs and we plan to write an online review so others can know and be warned of your awful procedures and customer service. Shame on you SEARS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: use another company to fix my issues and never use Sears again!.

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