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Never again will we buy from Sears. In my humble opinion Sears Service is beyond HELP.

We bought a Sears Washer and a Dryer 18 months ago. Two months ago our Dryer malfunctioned (the timer stopped working, and the Dryer will not stop running).

We have had 6 appointments over the past 6.5 weeks, and the dryer is still NOT fixed.

P.S. We were charged for the service and part right off the bat.

I have spent 6 times (days) waiting for Sears Service technicians, each "wait" was 4 hours long. In addition I have spent numerous hours on the phone to no avail.

We spoke to 1(800)469-4663(Beyond USELESS).

We spoke to 1(800)479-6351 (Empathetic, but of no help).

We spoke to (973)989-7440 Very empathetic, but of no help).

Sears Service has twice mailed a (REBUILT) replacement timer. The first one was defective, the second one has yet to be installed.

I should have read this blog/board before June 2010. Live and learn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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We had a front washer and dryer since April 2010. It was a Samsung that is suppose to be reliable.

The first repair came soon after where the washer did not have the 13 gallons filling up. The repairman sadi that it is still washing no big deal. yet the clothes did not come out clean. Second service call dryer turned on during the night all by it self and got extremely hot on the exterior.

Could have caught on fire. Repairman said he has no diagnostic tools to check circuit board and did nothing but leave. Next week the LE code was on washer when I walked into a flooded laundry room. Repairmen could not repair this because he said only can repair if he sees the code light on.

But since it takes a week or more for them to come out the light was off. I called and complained about the washer and dryer and was told I could replace them. The new ones arrived but were the wrong ones. These actually worked and filled up to 13 gallons but were low end Samsung.

So this weekend got the replacements to my more expesive model...same thing does not fill up to the 13 gallons.

Funny how the low end ones worked and the expensive models do not. I do not know what to do now.


It's the 7th week.

The last service call appears to have fixed the Dryer.





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