I have a problem with my slide in range. After the cleaning cycle the door locked, displayed error message F-60.

I called 1800 4myhome as listed in the owners manual. I got disconnected, placed on hold, transferred to several different people where I had to start again from the beginning. We disconnected the stove re plugged it in and got a new error F-11. Put on hold again.

A totally different person on the phone again. Was told that I was on the list for cancellation. Never did a service rep give me a time or day for a definitive appointment. The service department is completely unorganized and in no way should I have to be put through so many loops to get my oven door open.

Usually it is expected that the repair department be proficient at their job, but I guess not at Sears. Now I have no oven to use and no explanation for this. I am highly disappointed in the service I received.

I know for sure that as soon as my range is fixed I will be selling these products and not making any further purchases at Sears/Kmart for any big ticket items that I may need in the future.

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