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So I have a broken "flapper" on my refrigerator. It's a kenmore. So I call sears. They ask the model number, serial number and problem. I give them all the information, INCLUDING what's wrong with it. The "flapper" is broken and needs to be replaced. I get told I must pay $95 for some one to come out, plus the part cost and "labor", but no idea what the total bill might be.

I get a call from the service tech on day of repair and get asked the same set of questions. I dutifully reply and am told, they have " no idea what the cost would be until they diagnose the problem". Tech comes and diagnoses that the "flapper is broken". And low and behold the part IS on the Truck! What luck!

Then comes the scam estimate. $360 to replace the "flapper" that no one could tell me the cost of before, even though I told two sears personnel the exact problem ( and I'm guessing the part was put on the truck based in my description of the repair). I naturally refuse as I can buy a new unit ( not a kenmore), for maybe $1000, with a warranty.

So the scam. They knew what was wrong with the fridge. They knew how much they charge for that repair, yet they suckered me into inviting them into my house before they throw out an outrageous fee to replace a tiny plastic "flapper".

How many "diagnosis fees" must sear get in a day with this scam.

Sears has a long history of unethical bigness precipices, and for this consumer, I've dealt with sears for the last time.

Reason of review: Scam in service procedure.

Monetary Loss: $95.

I didn't like: Scam in repair, Estimate scam, Poor customer service.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #923270

Really? Come on.

Let's just assume you aren't a tech, but you diagnosed the problem anyway and instead of purchasing the part and installing it yourself you call for someone else to. Do you think it might be in their best interest to send out someone, maybe even a professional, to diagnose?

If they just took every customers input on repair, just about everyone would say "I paid X dollars for this repair and it's not fixed!" if something else happened to be wrong. Also, insinuating that someone prepared for the part to be on the truck to facilitate the repair "scam" is ridiculous.

to RealityCheck West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #923474

Wow, work for sear? Sounds like.

The part and labor should cost around $250. $50 for the part and I'll be generous $200 for the labor for what will be a 20 min repair, and I'm being generous. So at their price of $360, I'm thinking they have a scam going. Get out to your house knowing they will charge an insanely high amount and you either pay the scam fee or pay the $100 for the privilege of them coming to diagnose.

Besides the fact this is a common repair that no one from sears could tell me how much it might be. My biggest mistake was assuming they would be honest, and fair in their pricing.

Obviously they were not. Sears has a long history of unfair practices.

Just thought they had changed in the 21st century.

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