On January 31, 2020, I wrote the following letter to Transformco: To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for servicing my vehicle. The technicians have been top notched, however, the parts have not.

My vehicle has had the rack and pinion serviced on 12/14/14, 5/25/15, 11/13/17 and 11/28/17 at facility 0700**** K.

While I appreciated the reduced cost and warranty deductions of the parts, not so the cost of labor.

On January 30, 2020, I was informed that the rack was leaking again. I would like to have this issued permanently resolved, however, I am unwilling to pay labor costs again. I have been a loyal patron. I am retired and living on a fixed income.

Copies of the invoices have been included.

A timely response would be much appreciated.

On February 11, a representative left a telephone message instructing me to return her call. I did several times unsuccessfully.

On February 18, I filed a complaint through the State Attorney General's Office of Arizona.

On March 16, Sears responded to the complaint.

On March 30, the issue was resolved.

User's recommendation: Be patient. Be smart. Use the system.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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