Tacoma, Washington

I returned a pair of Levi's to Sears today that was a gift from my wife. I had the sales receipt which showed that a debit card was used.

Before approaching the counter, I looked everywhere for my size and they did not have it nor was any help in sight. I then waited 5 minutes for this little tattoed girl to show up that was hiding in the back. I asked her for my money back, she refused and they said I would have to take a gift card. I refused and asked for a store manager.

They made me wait 30 minutes at which time they wanted to see the card, my ID and most everything in my wallet saying who I was. Finally, the store manager showed up and said they would refund my debit card but it would take 3-5 days and if it didn't come through to bring the receipt back. You gotta be kidding!!! This was in the North Spokane, Washington Mall and the manager was a 20 year old pup named Amy.

I'm 56 years old and have bought a ton of stuff from Sears over more years than Amy has been alive, but no more. Management has ruined an institution. My advice is to sell your stock because this business is crashing. No wonder no one was at the counter 2 days after Christmas.

An unbeleiveable experience. Hope the Board reads this and hires an experienced CEO before it too late.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Same thing happened to me today! 12/11/16.

Sears Asheville NC. Returned a pair of Levi's purchased 10/30/16, with all tags still attached. original receipt and bag as part of early Christmas shopping. After waiting 30+ min in line for the only 2 cashier's on the main floor, was told I had NO options...

store policy..no returns after 30 days...

She rebagged the Levi's, handed back to me and called for the next in line. Never will I shop at Sears....maybe "Trump & Putin" can make Sears Great Again


Sounds to me like you are someone that disrespects women. Calling women "girls" and "pups" Hope your wife finds out what a pig you are and divorces you.

For someone who is supposedly 56 years old you should know it takes a few days to get a debit card refunded. You sound more like you are 10 than 56.


I have the same issue but it was a 700 treadmill and the are telling me it may take up to 14 days to put the money bake in my checking account.


this guy sounds confused and he's over exaggerating. and a 20 year old pup? I didn't know old dogs worked at stores now.


Same issue...Bought tires from sears over the phone. They promised 4-7 days, which came and went, no tires. Asked for a refund which they did give me but told me it would be 3-5 days. For the idiots writing here please get your facts straight.


1. Sears charged my card in less than 10mins

2. TD Bank corp office has no credit back and it would be instant if sears sent it.

3. Walmart will give you credit back on your card in store or over the phone and it takes 30 secs for it go through.

4. Sears corparate was no help.

5. Tattoo's on sales people should be covered, sears policy not mine.

6. keep your moth shut if you dont know what your talking about.


Gift card is bogus. Sears might as well just say "No Refunds" as this is basically what they are doing: refusing a refund. Signs of a dying company.


Hey *** What does the girl having tattoo's have anything to do with the return?

NO place refunds the debit card instantly.


It takes less a day for Sears to return it to the card. After that its up to how fast your bank processes it. So that is why it could take up to 3 days


Next time tell your wife to get you cash since clearly that is what you wanted. Anyone who tries to return a Christmas gift and demands cash is totally classless.

It's also nice to see some people are still practicing age discrimination.

Tattoos bother you too?

I bet different skin colors upset the bejesus out of you. You need to get with the times and stop being a prejudice, short-sided ***.


You never embellish the facts, do you?

Waited 30 minutes for the manager??

She asked for your ID because, well, again..she was making an exception to the return policy to get your whining 56 year old *** out of her store so she could move on to helping folks who actually want to make a purchase...think about it.


Maybe your request was unreasonable. You chose to have a debit card.

You chose to return instead of exchange. How many other stores sell Levis brand?? It does not matter the age of the person in charge. Obviously she knows the return policy.

Consumers need to know and follow the rules of each retailer, instead of trying to bully and buck policy of the retailers. Its not management sending the stores under, its management making accomodations for dummies like you.


The bank is the reason for the delay in debit card refunds. If you wife was to return it, as the original purchaser, she could have gotten cash.


All retailers require a receipt, an ID and the credit or debit card used to purchase the item.