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Hi i had an issue myself today with sears which brought me to this page and found that sears has anywhere between 1 and 3 complaints aday which is crazy.. EVERYONE SHOULD WRITE THE ATTORNEY JENERAL OFFICE A LETTER AS WELL (BECAUSE IF THEY GET THREE COMPLAINTS AND DONT RESOLVE THE ISSUES THEY WILL FORCE THEM TO SHUT DOWN THERE BUSINESS AND JUST MAYBE THATS WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN...I bought a stove from them on December 5th 2011 and it went on sale 25% off on December 27th sears says there policy is two weeks so what i am a weel over i told them i would take store credit they still didnt want to help me with it most stores are 30 days to 90 days whats up with the two week bullcrap..sears owes me 110.00 or store credit.. Im serious write the Attorney Jeneral make Sears back up there customers..

Monetary Loss: $471.

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Sears doesn't owe you a dime. You were beyond the price matching policy. Too bad.

Where can I locate my Attorney Jeneral?


Its hard to take you seriously when you have the spelling and grammar of a first grader.


A lot of grammatical errors and words spelled wrong in this post. How am I suppose to take you seriously?


Most stores price adjustment policies are 14 days. The 30 or 90 days you spoke of are for returns, not adjustments due to a lower sale price.

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