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i bought boots on boxing day 2007, at their lowest sale price.(so they said) i wore them once and the seam broke. so today i tried to take them back.

they didn't have the same size so i wanted a store credit but because i didn't have my receipt they wanted to give me half of want i paid. i had the box and my bank statement showing when i paid the (lowest sale price) $55.99 but without a receipt apparently they will only give me todays sale price of $27.99. S*&! first they lie about the lowest sale prices are on boxing day and then even though their computers can confirm the price paid on boxing day they only want to pay todays price.

well after 40yrs of puchasing clothing for a family of six, all appliances for three totally renovated houses and all yard furniture and kids pools i will never shop their again.

i will let everyone i see from now on what crappy consumer relations this store has and with the way things are nowadays people will care and not shop there either. i guess they need the money more then i do

Monetary Loss: $55.

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