This company is TERRIBLE. Please do NOT work for this company, you will truly regret it.

I'm putting in my 2 weeks and I haven't even been here a full 6 months! Since I'm a college student and have many personal expenses, I was trying to give this job a chance but I honestly can't anymore. All this company cares about is dumb credit cards and the shop your way program. They care about it so much they don't even care that the store as a whole can't even make atleast $20,000 a day in sales.

The associates here are treated like ***, especially the cashiers! I've had one coworker who was pretty young, break down and start crying because that's how stressed she ways. And instead of management giving her a sincere apology, they gave her a fake little apology and laughed about it with other coworkers. The employees here who are "different" get looked down upon the most.

They get laughed at, get called names such as "dumb", "weird", "old", or get sarcastic remarks made about them. And management doesn't care, they laugh along right with the employees. I've worked for a few companies before sears and I must honestly say, SEARS IS THE WORST COMPANY I EVER WORKED FOR. Most of the customers here are rude and impatient because many of the employees weren't fully trained so they don't have a clue on how to deal with certain situations or answer questions.

The only employees management seem to praise is the employees who've been with the company for almost their lives or the employees who are suck ups. Not to mention, this job DOES NOT give raises AT ALL so if you are planning to suppose a family or something working here, please don't do it because you will have to work a lot of hours to see a decent amount of money.

But if you're a college student like me or younger and planning to work here, please don't do it. You will feel like a slave.

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