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Purchased a washer and dryer in store on8/31, delivery on 9/11. We live in the mountains and stated at time of purchase (printed on receipt) that small truck required because of access.

Guess what large truck used cannot gain access so merchandise returned to depot. Rescheduled delivery 9/22 reminded small truck required. Goods then sold on so now no dryer available 4 week delivery for dryer 10/13. Weather to be delivered 9/22.

Numerous calls on day because you guessed it large truck!! Ended up no delivery now scheduled 9/24. All the calls initiated by myself and response from Sears "what do you want to do", totally incompetent and quite frankly ***.

No wonder company is dying on the vine. Will never use them again and going to cancel credit card just not worth the frustration and dealing with "not my problem" attitude.

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