The exploding glass door bubble syndrome just happened to us, too. Ours had been sitting idle for over 2 days when I heard a loud crash in the basement. Being the only one home at the time when it happened, it took me a while to give up on looking for an exorcist before researching more rational explanations. It comforts me to hear I'm not the only one. Unfortunately, I am not the only one with nightmarish customer service from sears. It's been almost a month and still no answer from them on when a replacement door will arrive. Their only response is that it is still on back order, like that helps any. They've also told us there's no way in *** they're going to replace the washer. I didn't even press down that road. I only suggested that maybe a local store could give us the door off a new one, and sears could refurbish it later. "No way" was their answer.

With the door being right at face level for my 5 year old, this makes an exploding glass door that sends jagged shards of glass all over the place a potentially deadly safety defect. You'd think they'd put a higher priority on going outside their usual customer service box to make things right. It's not like I'm looking to file a lawsuit...yet. After all, nobody was injured by the explosion. But God help sears if my son had been hurt, though.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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