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We also have awful and unlucky experiences purchased from Sears. I purchased washer/dryer from Sears because the prices were cheaper than Home Depot, and Best Buy. The machines themselves are good and I don’t have problems with. What I have problem is Sears customer services. The first time when washer and dryer delivered, sale associate forgot to order stacking kit (We are living in a new condo on the 2nd floor and it’s in closet), the delivery people can’t stack washer and dryer into the closet without stacking kit. In addition, I asked for reverse dryer door on the left hinge since my closet door is on right side. The instruction was clearly printed on sale receipt, apparently Sears didn’t follow anything on instructions. Therefore I have washer and dryer setting in my living room for a week and can’t use it.

When I called Sear store & asked for stacking kit and dryer door reversed, they were helpful and told me next available delivery is during weekday. I asked for an appointment after 5:00pm since my husband & me both working on weekday and no on is home before 5:00pm. They answered “no problem”. This was starting of my nightmare, we kept received many phone calls from Sears delivery department stated they are coming at 10:00am – 2:00pm – the time when no one is home. Meanwhile I kept spoke to their customer services to changed times to weekend. After spoken to at least 3 different customer services. Still, Sears delivery crew showed up at my door when no one is home.

Finally, we had the stacking kit delivered on Saturday, 3/8/08. However, Sears ordered me a “RED” color stacking kit when my washer/dryer is white color. The delivery crew also told me they don’t do reverse dryer door hinge. I called the store again, Sears said they don’t have white stacking kit available at this time; I’ll have to wait. We understand all this and trying to be patience as much as possible.

We told the delivery crews to put the RED stacking kit on and when the white one becomes available, they can come back install the white stacking kit. After the all the installation and delivery crew left, we decided to do a load of wash to try out the machines. Little did I know that installation on the water pipe wasn’t done properly by Sears. All the washer water leaked out from the pipe in the back of the machine and water flood my new kitchen floor, new paint wall and the bottom of washer machine. I was terrified on what happened. The next morning I went back to Sears requested replacement on a new washer (since bottom of washer was flood) They asked for 15% re-stocking fee to replace a new washer. I was very upset on what happened to my new floor and painted wall. Finally a customer service “Blanche” helped me replace a washer without charge. (She is the best customer service from Sears, working in East Hanover, NJ) She helped me set up an appointment to have some one come on 3/22/08 to replace a washer and reverse dryer door and change correct stacking kit.

On Tuesday, 3/11 at 2:30pm, I got a call from Sears delivery people they are in front my door and on one is home, they are coming to change dryer door?? I thought I make myself clearly not to have anyone coming in before 5:00pm on weekday??

I went back to Sears store asked for “Blanche”, she helped me again set up the correct appointment time. I really have to commend her, she was on phone for more than 1 hour, after spoken to 4 different customer services. Finally, she got my schedules set on 3/22/08 again. I am in the middle patiently waiting the next appointment. I don’t need any more surprise, hopefully they will make this delivery without any problems.

I don’t understand how Sears functions and how they are able to stay in business this long with such terrible customer services. “DELIEVERY SCHEDULES DEPARTMENT” is the worse, luck of cares and customer satisfactions.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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