What ever happened to walking in with a resume and talking to the manager??? I took out all my contact info, But I hope someone gets a laugh out of this.


Thank you for contacting Sears Holdings Corporation. For further assistance, please contact our Corporate Office's Human Resources department at 1-888-88-SEARS.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We value you as a Sears Holdings Corporation customer, and we truly intend to provide you with the best possible customer service.


>> >>>>


Monica W,

Retail Customer Care

Sears Holdings Corporation



> >Original Message Follows: ------------------------

> Dear Jacob G.,

I tried that!!! If you had read the e-mail I sent you, you would have seen that she gave me a toll free number to call. When I called them, they told me to talk to the store. Maybe I should have borrowed her phone and just handed it to her. Let HR fight it out with HR(?).

You people are ridiculous!!!


>--- On Tue, 3/16/10, Sears Customer Relations wrote:


> From: Sears Customer Relations

>Subject: Re: Other (KMM8398702I15977L0KM)


>Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 9:58 PM



> Dear


>Thank you for contacting Sears Holdings Corporation. We appreciate your

>interest in working for our company. Unfortunately we are unable to

>assist with your inquiry via email. For further assistance, please

>contact the store at which you applied directly.


>We appreciate your business, and value you as a customer. We certainly

>hope you will continue to make Sears Holdings Corporation your choice

>for quality and value.





>Jacob G.

>Retail Customer Care

>Sears Holdings Corporation







>Original Message Follows:



>Name: | Address: | City: |

>State: IN | Zip: 46738 | Country: USA | Day Phone: |

>Evening Phone: | Email: |

>Comments: Hello,

> I am writing in reference to your hiring policy. There is an opening

>in the auto care center at my local Sears. I seen the ad online. I have

>tried to apply on-line, and everytime I enter my information, I get sent

>to a page that says I don't meet the qualifications. I have held ASE

>certifications, and worked on vehicles longer than the manager at that

>store has been out of school.

> If the problem was with the aptitude questions on the application -

>consider this: One of the questions was "Do you take risks at work?"(or

>something like that). I answered yes. I held a position as a

>firefighter, it's part of the job. Another question was something like

>"do you see problems at work that aren't your fault?" Well of course I

>did, you don't bring a car to the garage normally if it is working good

>or call 911 before problems start.

> I went to the store, the HR rep. stated she could not do anything -

>including even take an application or look at my resume. She then gave

>me a number to call. The man I called said he couldn't do anything and

>told me to talk to the HR dept. at the store. I( think I'm glad that I

>can not apply to your company, whatever the reason may be. I am sorry

>that you will be missing an excellant automotive tech who believes in

>hard work and doing the job correctly.

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Why would you want to work for squears anyway they would reall *** over as an employee




Get over it.Obviously you were not good enough for the job.

Enjoy flipping burgers.

By the way, in today's society, it is don't call us we will call you.if someone came in unannounced with a resume wanting an interview on the spot without actually applying like you said, I would laugh and tell them to *** off.


You did not get a job so you are throwing a tantrum. Temper tantrums are for two year olds no wonder they did not hire you.

to Irish #753953

I think you are. SERIOUS candidate for SEARS

You are about as ignorant as they are :x

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