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My husband had purchased F-63 treadmill for me in November 2010 at Sears.Because I was pregnant I was not able to use this running machine for few months.I step on it twice in march.The third time I was going to exercise the machine start having a problem with software or something else.The screen was showing elevation error and the machine stop on the highest level never going down.I went to the SEARS store trying to exchange the treadmill,but I was told that 30,60,90 days for exchanging a product at Sears pass.It depends of the employee knowledge abut warranty in this matter....After I came back home I had contacted SEARS customer service about my issue.I was given an technician appointment date scheduled more than a month from my phone call.I've called on march 29.The only available appointment date...April 29...

The person -"technician" who came to my house was acting like he had never had nothing in common with fitness equipment.The only thing he needed was an owner's manual book of my treadmill...he left my house not helping me a bit,even saying that there is nothing wrong with my running machine...I call SEARS's customer service again.They scheduled another appointment after another two weeks.The technician never show up.Nobody from Sears ever call me letting me know that nobody is coming on April 14...I called SEARS again...They said that technician have called sick or "something" and wanted to scheduled 30 days...When I was given new appointment date,I was given a phone number to SEARS CUSTOMER'S SOLUTIONS too.I've spoken to really ,really nice woman name Rene.She had written everything down ,she gave me a case number and 30 days to exchange my treadmill for the same or different one.I was really happy with the solution for my problem.Now I had to only choose another running machine from SEARS website...The Sole F-63 cost $ 899.I have an one year warranty on it..I was told if I pay $20 more I will have new warranty on my new treadmill.Now I had to find the right product.I did not want to give SEARS to much money,but yes I wanted to have a new warranty.Finally I had found a product I liked.This particular treadmill was on a sale for $945.So I would have to pay $46 difference and I could start exercise again...But with Sears nothing is easy...They want you spend money there but they do not want you have the product you pay for...

When I've called customer solution wanting to exchange the product.I was told that this particular machine is not available because it's on a back order.The Sears had this machine on their website with promotional price...

I was told to call them back after June 27...They should have this product on stock...I've called on June 27.The price on a website was a little higher this time but it looked like it was available for people wanted to buy it.When I speak to one of the customer representative about exchanging my product for this one,she told me,that because of the price difference today I need to talk to the manager.She told me to call back after 2 pm.When I call after 2pm I was told that manager is busy and he will call me back.Later on somebody else call me to let me know that the treadmill I've chosen is not available...What a surprise...Next day finally I had a chance to speak with manager Jerry.He seems nice.He even gave me $200 upgrade.I could choose a machine for $1099 instead of $899...The problem is...whatever I choose from their website's not available...

Today is July 7 and my case at SEARS customer solution is still pending.I have $200 upgrade and that is it.Sears does not have anything available for me for exchange even if the products are listed on their website.And of course they do not want to give me my money back because they are saying I had only 30 days for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $899.

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