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Wil NEVER shop at Sears again. I received some clothing as a gift and went to Sears to return it, they told me I cannot return anything without a receipt it has to be within 30 days I said it was a gift I don't have the receipt just give me a store credit then, they wouldn't do that either.

I went to the store manager and was told same thing that even the store manager can't override it, which I don't believe for one minute! I then called Customer Service number I found on line they gave me the same line of ***! They then transferred me to Customer Solutions where I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes. I guess that's their 'solution" wait for people to hang up!

So what happens if you want to buy a Xmas gift there do u have to shop the day before so it can be returned if it doesn't fit! NO other store has a terrible policy like that it's no wonder they are going out of business they certainly don't do anything to keep customers!

Ive been a long time shopper of Sears AND was planning on buying some appliances there but not anymore I'm done with Sears! Shop somewhere else!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Hampton, Virginia, United States #1354441

Kmart and Sears, like other companies, do an extended gift exchange policy for Christmas. Usually like from Black Friday until the end of January is what I think it was this year.

BUT you still need a receipt.

It is not the store's fault that 1) the person who gave you the gift didn't care enough to get a gift receipt 2) that you're too selfish and/or idiotic and/or childish that you cannot accept "no" for an answer.

Seriously, what do you lose? NOTHING.

It was a FREE THING YOU GOT, YOU PAID NOTHING. You could have EASILY called the person who gave it to you and gotten a receipt from them.

30 days WITH A RECEIPT. You are no special person who transcends the rules because your mama told you you're something special.

to Freki #1355720

So your helpful advice is to come on here and insult people? Do you work for Sears and they pay you to come on here and give people grief if they give a bad review???

You must lead a very exciting life!!! NOT!!! What immature loser comes on a complaint forum to ridicule and insult people. You must crave attention and don't care if it's positive or negative.

You could've told her the store's policy without degrading her and throwing hateful remarks out there. That must be how others treat you, so you pay it forward.

Karma, treat others like they are less than and it comes back to you...SMH, pathetic!!


I'm pretty sure no one ever told you you're something special, especially not even your own mother.

to Gamora Hampton, Virginia, United States #1356228

*** right I'm nothing special! But you're clearly on here just to complain at people like me and insult us...

sooooo... wanna look in the mirror darling?

to Freki #1378054

Wow who’s the one who needs a life! You should keep ur comments to yourself when u don’t know the background behind the story...

hmmm just MAYBE the person who gave the gift was VERY sick at the time and that was the last thing they needed to deal with. In case ur not aware people are allowed in this world to express their opinion it really doesn’t matter if u like it or not!

So since u obviously have more time on your hands than the average person and post useless replies u don’t have all the info on maybe take up a hobby.

It’s the ONLY store that has that stupid policy. Happy shopping !

PS: thanks anonymous for ur reply u said it all!

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