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I had bought a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat $183 from (Marketplace). I received the package almost 2 weeks longer then it said it would take (oh well). I had a box that came and it was an Amazon box... ?? HUH? I opened it and found the product box dirty, torn, and the clear round security stickers that keep the top and bottom lids shut were obviously missing. When I open the box, the pieces fell out and were not even packaged in plastic or anything. This was obviously a USED item that was shipped to me. I purchased a new thermostat, not this crap that seems to have been someone’s returned item.

I contacted and was directed to some outsourced call center where I was told that we must submit a complaint to the seller 2ship (NOT SEARS) and they would have 2-3 business days to respond. Well, they never responded, and Sears system did an automatic escalation. It said wait 72hours for a response. I waited a week and still never heard anything, so I chatted online with a customer service rep. Long conversation but at the end I was told it was going to go to escalations AGAIN for the 2nd time (WTF) and to please wait 72 hours. If after the 72 hours the seller does not respond would issue a full refund (yes, I have this in writing).

Well... you guessed it! after 72 hours I did not get a response from the seller, so I contacted Sears again and talked to a rep named Art and I had to go through the whole story with him and everything AFTER I asked to speak to a Supervisor.... He told me he was sending this to ESCALATIONS. Finally, I was transferred to a Supervisor named Gail that after talking with me she stated that she was in fact working to give me a refund. She stated that it would take about an hour and asked if she could call me back after the refund was processed, and I agreed. I made sure she had my correct phone number and email address.

NO PHONE CALL, NO REFUND as promised by a Supervisor.

SO, I called back the following day and had to talk to someone new and go through the whole story for what a 5th-6th time. Anyway, I was told this would go to ESCALATIONS again!!! What the *** is going on here? How is SEARS legally allowed to do this? They have a Marketplace Guarantee, and nobody there even knows the policy.

I was transferred to yet another agent that said I would have to send back the item before a refund is issued. I countered this statement with NO WAY, NO HOW will I spend more of my time shipping this junk back, besides why would I do that when the seller has not even responded to Sears nor myself and I would have no guarantee to even get a refund after doing that. So, I said NO! I will not ship back until I get the refund. I was told okay I will submit to "escalation" (this is just the most stupid company on earth now) to let them know I want a refund first. This is just crazy, and again with all the complaints out there about Marketplace how has the legal system not stepped in?

In conclusion:

I was promised on 2 separate occasions to get a refund if the seller did not respond. I was told in one of the conversations by a Supervisor that the refund was being processed. LIES!!!

Stay away Stay away Stay away from Sears ALL TOGETHER> They outsource their customer service and they lie!

Product or Service Mentioned: Honeywell Rth9580Wf1005 W Thermostat.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $183.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Customer service very bad.

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