Winter Park, Florida
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Sears is a highly unethical place to work. They have all these guidelines which they claim they abide by but rarely do. there is a lot of corruption at this place and this company. sears claims they are against bullying but this is not the case- bullying is rampant there and in various forms and also hidden/undisclosed so not everyone knows every situation that is occurring.

the experience there was terrible. I can't get into the details, but I can say that, the winter park call center is a nightmare. I was a good associate, and randomly mistreated by managers and others for no reason. If you are not ghetto extremely obese, dumb, ugly, strange or weird you won't fit in. Worse, the managers are corrupt and unethical. On three occasions my managers did not warn me that I was on a final warning for being terminated--this is their job! because of THEIR incompetence I almost lost my job once, and then lost it because my manager chris did not tell me I was on a final warning. somehow, this is my fault and they fired me anyway? Sears has no customer service with their customers, and even with their employees. If their management is unethical or does not do the job they're supposed to do, no one cares and nothing is done about it. Employees are not given any leeway for the carelessness idiocy and incomptency of bad immature or incompetent managers. The managers do not do the job they are supposed to do, cost associates THEIR job and get away with it? and no one seems to care about this. My issue was not with being terminated, it's the manner in which I was treated and mistreated, then terminated unfairly and without warning when there is a system set up in place to let employees know when/how they are being terminated.

sears can't even ethically terminate their employees- they have to put them through *** before they let them go. My other issue with termination was why I personally was mistreated interrogated then 'given a second chance' when I was going to be terminated anyway due to the reasons stated above. The actions of management there made no sense and were very corrupt and shady. Why bully and warn an associate about an issue, give them another chance, when they are supposed to be terminated anyway- this makes no logical sense and is really strange.

worse, I was interrogated, mistreated bullied by chris and another manager, for something very minor which they made a huge deal out of and treated me like a criminal. The managers there will take employees in a room and literally terrorize/bully them for no reason at all, talk down to them or belittle them and traumatize them. they treat good decent honest hard working people like criminals and its a really bad place. I was a very good associate, worker, and did my job well and was not loud or obnoxious, but they love the obnoxious rude people and will reward and favor them and like to pick on and bully good nice associates. People who are loud obnoxious rude or *** get rewarded and praised, and people who are not loud or crazy get picked on. They will take people aside claim they are coaching them just to chat with them about women. I heard from several sources some of the 'male managers' are sleeping around with the women that work there. The entire place is terrible and a circus. one manager (really short weird *** guy) would come and rub up against my chair from the back on several occasions as some form of powertrip (isn't that sexual harassment)??? another came and banged my chair really hard...physically hurting me many times- I would assume this is some form of assault?? The minute I complained about this, I was fired, no joke, but really I was fired because of something my manager didn't tell me but I found it ironic all of it. The managers are mostly 20 something year old immature jerks and low lifes on powertrips who either bully half the people there or from what ive heard sleep with them. This place is very corrupt dishonest unethical beware that's all I can say. if you are a ghetto loser, dumb weird have an IQ of 2, you will fit right in and get treated well but if you are not that and better they will treat you like dirt and make sure to make your experience there a living ***...

the level of unfairness that occurs there just isn't right. it isn't right to jeopardize people's employment by not disclosing information a manager needs to disclose. It also isn't right to be able to bully and terrorize employees for no reason and get away with it as some sears managers have done without care. Not every manager there is corrupt or bad but there is a lot of corruption in general. beware and at your own risk is all I can say....

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Terrible, absolutely terrible. Its no wonder Sears is going down the drain.

Even the CEO is shady, he was kidnapped & let go due to corporate drama. The Sears in Orland Park, IL had issues with fraud from an ex-store manager, mistreatment of employees & associates, attacking one's personality & character & all sorts of cherrypicking & preference games.

Employees are always threatened to get fired unfairly. This company hosts all sorts of crazies, its a failure.