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Lately when I've gone into Sears to buy something, the cashiers ask for my phone number. When I try to refuse them, they yell, shout and badger me endlessly and insist it's for their credit card's rewards program, even when I tell them I'm not on the rewards program and don't use one of their cards.

My phone number is already in the system somehow, so they look it up anyway. This has happened to me, then I'd get a bunch of telemarketing calls. I complained to customer service, who denied they gave my number to telemarketers and told me to complain to the manager about the cashiers. Problem is, I can't find a manager in the store.

I complained to the Better Business Bureau, and the corporate headquarters tells me to simply tell the cashiers I'm not interested in their if I haven't done that already!

They insist they will not stop the policy of asking for phone numbers, so I will not shop here again, since the cashiers can be as rude as they want to and not face any consequences for it. From the lowest paid workers to the highest positions, everyone who is associated with Sears is extremely rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Rewards Program.

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Coming from a cashier at Sears,

The cashiers have to ask you for your phone number because of Shop Your Way rewards. It is not the credit card.

The credit card is another story. I personally hate it since I am not a pushy person. I simply ask, "Do you have a phone number for rewards?" if they say no, I leave it at that.

Sears makes their employees get phone numbers, emails, and credit applications from customers. If 20% of my customers don't give me a phone number, I get in trouble.

If 70% of my customers don't give me an email, I get in trouble. If 80% of my customers don't apply for a credit card, I get in trouble.

As a cashier, I am harassed daily because I don't push customers into rewards programs and credit cards. I am not a salesman and I shouldn't be expected to perform like one. Sears is losing customers and employees over their priorities.

I am giving my two weeks notice this week.

Also, I am not sure about the telemarketers but I too get calls when i used rewards.

It may be happening because of Sears but your local Sears store would have no knowledge of it. That's higher up.