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I went to the Orange Park, Florida Sears to return an electronic item. I had the receipt and upon entering the electronics department, the item beeped.

I immediately told an employee that I am returning an item and I waived my receipt. I waited in line, and then a different employee named Greg who was blocking me from the register took over the register. I stated that I was making a return and he rudely said that I could not return the item. I said that yes I can because the date on the receipt says that I can return it until March 30, 2008.

With an attitude, he yanked the item from me and then with an angry tone got mad at me because I paid for it over the internet (with my Sears card). He threw the receipt at me showing my credit on my Sears card. Then, I said that I wanted to purchase a similar item and he yelled at me that he was refusing to sell it to me. Shocked, I asked for a manager.

He called the manager and told the manager that I was mad because I was not getting my way. No manager came. I had to raise my voice and ask another employee to call the manager because I was not leaving until I spoke to a manager beacause I was going to make sure that the manager knew how rude that employee Greg was in the electronics department. The manager came over and he was fair and explained to me the store policy and then he had another employee ring me up downstairs.

I was told that the store manager would call me, but guess what noone called me. Tommorrow, I will call their corporate office and let them know how rude that employee Greg was.

Also, upon telling Greg that I would report him, he yelled at me his employee number. I have been a loyal customer for years at Sears, but not anymore!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $70.

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