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I anticipated a pleasant day at Sears in Laguna Hills, but a rude employee threatened to call the "security" police because I had my sweet golden retreiver with me.

I didn't see a "NO Pets" sign on the entry door. (She's welcome at Macy's and Nordstrums, why not.) I walked past several registers, bought my $300 vacuum and none of the employees objected.

That's when one of the "Brand Central Lead" personnel began yelling at me and telling me I had to leave immediately. His voice echoed throughout the department as he bullied me with his unprofessional behavior. Though I had no problem if Sears refused pets in their store, I wanted to explain.

That's when he leaped for a phone to call police "Security."

If customers aren't treated with respect at Sears, I'm not sure I want to shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Fort Laramie, Wyoming, United States #25793

What an ***, you got what you deserved!

Ortonville, Minnesota, United States #21051

The way you tell it, you walked into the department and the manager just started yelling. I would guess you left out the part about you saying something to him which caused the whole problem.

Sears, like every other place on Earth, will let a service dog in.

Those are well trained and won't *** all over the displays. Your "sweet" dog, no matter how well behaved, is just another pet which has no business in a department store.

Glen Rose, Texas, United States #20980

You should know better than to bring your dog into a department store. He should have tossed you and your dog.

The man was right. Just because the other stores were lax in their security, doesn't mean that the sears employee was wrong.

Kent, England, United Kingdom #20690

They should've ASKed you to leave or take the dog outside before getting beligerent.You should've been told in more professional manner rather than threatening you with security.

BUT aren't there local ordinances prohibiting pets and animals in public places like Sears.This time a year they should be enforcing rules like wearing a shirt,shoes,NO roller blades,no bides,no pets etc..They can give you a tresspass warning as well.

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