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This is most of a letter than I wrote to Sears Consumer Relations (Ha!)

"I have a serious complaint. I am absolutely livid, and hurt beyond description. This particular incident has happened before with Sears and I swore that I would never shop there again. Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of doing so again.

My 25th wedding anniversary is approaching in December and I gave a great deal of thought into a suitable gift for my husband. After much comparison shopping, I decided to purchase a new gas grill for him. The item was considerably more expensive than my average purchases and therefore a major decision. I purchased the grill, and with the assistance of a very helpful sales clerk who knew all about the occasion it was purchased for, I arranged for it to be delivered to a local store. I then made arrangements for a friend to pick it up for me. A neighbor was contacted and asked if he would mind storing it in secret until December. The person who picked it up actually had to bring it to another person’s house temporarily where it still sits awaiting to be delivered next door. All of these people have been involved in helping me prepare a surprise for my husband.

Today my husband picked up our mail and lo and behold, here is an envelope from Sears with “IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR NEW GAS GRILL” right on the outside of the envelope! Did it ever occur to this company that perhaps some major items just might be gifts?

How many other people have had surprises ruined by the “system” that Sears has in place?

When I called to express my feelings, I was very mechanically asked if I cared to be put on a “do not mail” list. No, that is NOT my preference! There might be recalls or other important information that I DO need to receive. I believe that I was asked whether I wanted the Protection Plan when I purchased the grill and I responded with a no. The greed and utter lack of consideration in your pushiness to have people purchase these plans has totally ruined my special wedding anniversary. I find it difficult to believe that this has not occurred with other customers."

Their response was lackluster, but they said that they would send it to their "Resolutions Dept". I called again today, and after being on the phone for almost 2 hours, passed from person to person and made to repeat the entire story each time, I was finally informed that it was too bad, but that was the way their system worked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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