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I bought my dream French Door Refrigerator 5yrs ago and it failed to cool in the summer while I was out of town. Came home to smells like death and green fur growing all over the inside as I was gone 3 weeks!!

I did the 6hour dismantle and clean up so the Tech could repair it. No compensation given for the hundreds of dollars of very expensive food lost. This failure occurred of course just outside the one yr. warranty.

I had to pay. Then 1/1/2 yrs later failed again. More money, more rude treatment. Went outside A/E on the 3rd failure and had a GE part put in as it was summer again and lost all the food.

That Tech told me how *** Sears parts are and told me I would probably never have another problem. HAHA I just paid A/E for a one yr warranty they talkeed me into and another $778.oo to replace the compressor August 2010. The answer is to tell them to shove their Pretty Junk. In my childhood back in Detroit we had a Frigidare fridge and it was still going strong when I grew up!

My mom never lost a single food item. I'm basically out thousands and they refuse to replace. I screamed LEMON LEMON LEMON and they would do nothing. We are so sorry maam.

No response to the LEMON word. They just keep talking and apologizing. Don't buy their nasty ***. Buy an LG or Whirlpool.

Who knows?

They all lie just to get your cash. Thanks for listening Miss Detroit, Diana

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I'd be careful recommending LG, if you Google around you'll see they are not very good. They also make quite a few of the Kenmore refrigerators now and that honor usually goes to the lowest bidder. Consumer Reports surveys indicate that Whirlpool is still decent although not as trustworthy as in the past.

Also Square Trade is a better warranty provider.

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