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On June 19,2009 I went to Sears jewlery Eastview mall in Victor NY. The salesman told me all mens rings were priced at $199 and above.The Sears flyer advertised rings as low as $49.99. The salesman was rude and acted as though he wasn't at all interested in making a sale.I was very disturbed and decided that I would know longer do business with a company whose salespeople are so rude and unfriendly.We have done business with Sears for nearly 60 years and never encountered a salesperson like the one we had on this date

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Often, the sears flyers post merchandise that the Sears company has to offer. Of course, this is a general advertisement.

That doesn't guarantee that that particular store will have rings at $49.99. What you experienced is call "marketing," and it is perfectly legal to do so. What you should have done was just ask if they had any men's rings at $49.99. Consider this: Sears has buyers, the buyers buy merchandise from venders, the venders have manufacturers that send merchandise to Sears distributors, those distributors distribute merchandise to Sears retail outlets that have receiving teams that take the merchandise out to the departments, and the departments put the merchandise on display.

For jewelry, they usually have to "log" each piece before it can go out to the floor for sale. The process takes weeks and the Sears marketing teams have to cater do economic demands that change on the fly.

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Dear Mr. McClurg,

It is disappointing to read about your experience with our jewelry department in the Eastview Mall. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. At your convenience we would like to speak to you regarding your experience. You can contact us at so we can further discuss your concerns.

Thank you,

David V.

Senior Case Manager

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