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Got a cracked on my Samsung LED T.V. from Sears, the set is less than a year old called Sears to have them fix my set, the repairman told my wife and myself that the screen was cracked and the only way the screens crack is by owner abuse.

There is no visibile cracks, dents or any other indication of abuse the crack is on the inside of the screen. I went to, they have a forum for Samsung and their T.V.s.

It seems that the plasmas and the lcd screens are having the same problems with cracking screens some owners where waching their sets when the crack occured. Now being branded damaged by Sears, Sears WILL NOT cover the warranty nor will Samsung.

How can I get someone to listen or respond to my sisuation

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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Once again we made a purchase at Sears and got a bad product. We bought a TV

on 12/12 and had problems so we returned it. We bought another TV and had

problems as well. Since we are disabled it is difficult to go back and forth

to the store so we used are warranty for the TV repair. Our TV was made on

11/10 and we bought it on 12/16/10.

Anyway Sears ordered the main board and told me to call them when the part

came. We waited a couple of weeks and the part came last week. I called and

was told Sears would be out on 2/12/11.

The tech, Noel came out and took the back off the TV and got the delivered

part out and sat it on the counter. I looked at it and saw it was

refurbished on 3/10 and was very worn. The back had been lying in some

liquid or water. I told him he could not install a used bad part on the TV.

He called the Stack department supervisor Milton and Milton got mad at the

tech for allowing me to see the part. Noel told him I went and looked at it

and he did not show it to me. So talk about deception if I had not seen this

part that was also missing the heat guard and could possibly catch on fire

or start a fire. Here is a supervisor upset with a tech and told him to put

the part on even though I said no. My husband told him to remove that part

and call the supervisor and get a real new part. He looked at my husband and

said I had given he the OK to install it. We looked at each other and

realized it was hopeless. He left leaving two screws on the TV stand that

should be on the TV. As he was leaving he claimed there has been a new part

ordered. How do we know if this is the truth or not?

Who can we contact to resolve this? If you recall first we had tow used

washer and dryers delivered to us and had to fight to get the new ones we

had payed for. Then we bought the stove that was also delivered used and you

helped us get a real new one. Now we have a bad tv and a very used old part

that the tech tried to install that was clearly not in good shape and at

least a year older then the part we now have and did not have the heat

protector on it and could be a fire hazard. Why does this keep happening?

I have a 40 inch samsung.


There are literally hundreds and hundreds of complaints all over the internet concerning premature failures of Samsung TV sets. Now we all know which brand of TV NOT to buy in the future. If Sears had any integrity as a retailer, they would not even be selling such a shoddy quality brand of appliances.


Depending on Sears deal with Samsung they might not get reimbursed by Samsung if they send back a defective set. And until Samsung admits to and issues a memo on a cracking screen problem they probably won't honor an exchange either. Although it might pay to contact Samsung directly and see what they say. They might have enough documentation to justify an exchange.

Sears policy might be a cracked screen is customer abuse but that doesn't necessarily make it true. I would report them both to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency I think it is. At least the government agencies can start documenting problems so someone in the future might see benefit.

Good Luck

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