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This Attorney is CRIMINAL. A Criminal Restraining order was placed against him by the Orange County District Attorney


Knowledge you need to know about this CPA, ATTORNEY. We came to that CPA Attorney Steven Sears out of Irvine whose office is located at 18 Truman, for a tax advice regarding back taxes and an unfiled returns due to missing records and how to legally minimize my tax burden.

We checked his State bar of california website, it showed how dishonest this man is. However, I thought that Mr. Sears may be a good CPA. So, I asked him for his advice of what to do, Steven Sears first sold me four different companies that I had no idea what these companies are and tricked me to sign an agreement called "Company Services Agreement", and I paid him $17,500 which I later realized that this piece of paper is a contract states " of an attorney, cpa and financial advisors are not included..." that means that I did NOT hire his services of an attorney or CPA... my question to him then .. whom did I hire?

Norma Hoskins who is his receptionist who is barely knows how to answer the phone.. is that whom I hired and seeked a tax advice from?.In addition, this piece of paper states and forces "Arbitration", meaning all the defrauded clients were forced to go to arbitration which is not public records. So the public will not be able to file a public record lawsuit against him. During the arbitration proceeding, Steven Sears claimed that he nothing to do with this piece of paper and he has nothing to do with the services that I was seeking.

Steven Sears stated that he only charged me $250 for the initial consultation and that the rest of the $17,500 went to a company called "Company Formation Services Inc." which he does not own, controll or having any financial interest in. I seeked his advice. I met with Steven Sears. Steven Sears instructed me to sign this agreement. Steven Sears adviced to purchased four of his shelf companies to minimize my taxes. Steven Sears instructed me to make my check payable to this company, and when it comes to a refund, Oh I DO NOT HAVE his money to begin with therefore, he cannot refund me my money.

When I had this horrible experience with his Law, CPA office.. I decided to do more due diligence on that *** artist.. sure enough... I found out that:

According to Criminal court records case number 05SF1322


STEVEN SEARS ATTORNEY, CPA, was placed on probation for three years.

STEVEN SEARS ATTORNEY, CPA, served 90 days in Jail


According to the State Bar of california under his own website state bar#145130

Many victims were defrauded by him.. visit the state bar of california.

According to Orange COunty Weekly Articles published on February 22, 2007 titled "Eight is Enough":

"STEVEN SEARS ATTORNEY, CPA, has eight children from four different women whom are located in Irvine within one mile of each other". FOUR WOMEN'S NAMES ARE: NEVINE CARMELLE, GLORIA LEE, GLADYS BAZAN AND YVONNE TRAN HAS MICHELLE SEARS, NICOLE SEARS, KEVIN SEARS, AND PETER SEARS.

This *** artist CRIMINAL STEVEN SEARS ATTORNEY, CPA out of 18 Truman, Irvine...should be stopped .... ! Steven Sears or someone who would like to protect steven sears and bury his legal problems, will file a hoax report in response to this report.... you can verify and confirm all cases mentioned above.

Beware...!! that also Steven Sears, CPA, Attorney is under IRS Criminal investigation case number 08-56899


Dont' be his next client.. you will be investigated automatically by the Internal

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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This Guy just Scammed some one I know who just passed away out of Million's...and left is widow with nothing and somehow ended up in there vacation home in Baja near Rosarito

I heard the FBI is now involved...


I truly had a great experience shopping at the sears store and really love the nice man who helped me. i love working with these truly wonderful people


I hired Steven Sears to do a trust for me. It was prepared incorrectly and really could have screwed over my family should I have died.

I went to two other lawyers and both agreed the paperwork was blatantly deficient. He lies.

He is a crook.


I dated Steven Sears, CPA, Attorney. That was about 13 years ago.

He lived in a large, spacious home at the top of a private estate community called Turtle Rock, in Irvine, CA. He loved to walk his beagles.

Very sad and disappointed to read so much negativity about him. He never disclosed to me that he had been married or had children.


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I visited DR SEARS and had my children seem for FLU Symptoms. DR STEVEN SEARS gave us immediate attention and did't even charge us for the vaccine.

He is the best BABY DOCTOR I have ever met.

No one is more caring and compassionate. He is a true honor to his profession and we will continue to recomend him in the future.


I was also defrauded by him. He sold me 4 of his shelved companies. This guy should be put away.


DR SEARS is wonderful caring and compassionate physician who really cares about his patients. we were really happy with his staff and services and we will come back with our family for follow up services. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping the community.