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I recently got $1000 worth auto service job done at Sears Columbia MD store (where I live). Fortunately, I had an estimate (printed document available) for similar services from the White Oak store (where I work).

I dropped off my car at the Columbia store and authorized repairs w/o much inquiry. -- Bottomline is I trusted Sears.--I have gotten most repairs there. I noticed (after coming home) that the estimate was higher by $200. It was specifically for two parts for which the Columbia store was chargining additional $100 each ($30 and $80 at White oak vs $130 and $185 at Columbia). I called the store right back and spoke to the manager I was dealing with. He was rude and mentioned that I have legally authorized the purchases and I am bound to it. Further, the store has bought these parts from a vendor and I am subject to that price. The price from the white oak store is not relevant.

When I picked up my car, the same person or his manager was not available. When I showed up the next day morning, the same person was rude and kept repeating himself. When I finally talked to his manager, they agreed to match the price (after checking both receipts) for one part (-$100) but on another. I got ripped off for $100.

I think, there is a scam between store managers and vendors. They are selling parts at outrageously high prices to unsuspecting customers like me.

1. How can you sell a part for $130 or $185 at Sears 1 if Sears 2 offers it for $30 and 80?

2. How am I to trust for other things I have gotten done w/o any estimates? Additional rip off?

There is your scam and customer rip off. I have all the receipts from both stores (Sears not any other) to prove my case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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If you bothered to read the fine print rather than go on the internet and complain, you would know that right there on the work order that you sign authorizing the work there is a section about a certain percentage increase that is allowable without customer authorization.


I don't work there anymore so I can say what I want. I was the one that helped you and furthermore I didn't sell you anything.

You asked for all that work and when the car was %80 done you wanted us to stop the work. Listen buddy, you sign for work done on your car, the work will be performed on it like it or not. Second, don't lie about the price difference it was a 20$ difference. Not only that, your just another typical Indian "Patel" as I call them, trying to haggle the price, then get an attitude when we don't brake.

And yes, I was rude to you after you said, "You Americans always try to take advantage of foreign people." So yeah, I'm gonna get a little pissy if someone says that. So, enjoy your little blue mazda3 or 5 whichever one I can't remember, and go to your uncle Hussains 711 for a slurpee and a big *** and get over it.


In many states auto repair shops have to give you a written estimate of work to be done. A generic what ever takes isn't valid in many states.

I would contact the local BBB to start.

I could depend on who the local Sears is using as a patts supplier. You figure a national company like Sears would try to standardize their prices.

Time for the BBB.

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