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I signed up for Sears Home Warranty services because my gas range wasn't heating up all the way, where I'd select 350 degrees but it'd only get to 200-250 degrees and then beep that it's preheated. I also had asked if I could cancel any time without being penalized, but I must've misheard that because I tried to cancel this morning and was told I'd be charged a cancellation fee of $250!!!!

So far I've paid nearly $500 in monthly charges and service call fees, yet I have an oven that has the same exact problem it had originally and now I'm on my 3rd service appointment to allegedly fix my range. The technician must have gotten tired of dealing with me the last couple times because he marked the job complete and said it's "normal" for an oven to vary by 100 degrees. NO IT ISN'T! The cookies are completely raw and still in a large lumpy ball after 15 minutes of cooking, when they should be flat and crisp around the edges.

I wanted to just cut my losses and cancel because Sears has not met it's commitment to me whatsoever, but was shocked by the cancellation fee that I'd be forced to pay with the debit card they've kept on file...

even though they haven't held up their end of the deal!!!

Now I've forced to continue paying $50/month through October, so in the end I could've just bought myself a really nice oven with all the money I've wasted being scammed by Sears. Shame on you Sears!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Range Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fraud!! Stop paying.

. Dispute!


Immediately DISPUTE the charges made to your debit card. Your issuing bank/financial institution has a fraud management and fraud prevention mechanism within each card issuer.

You can have your account "Ghosted" whilst another card and account number issued to you in the interim (In House). They will investigate and protect you from other charges (which go often beyond the scope of your normal spending patterns and the merchants on line or at the physical company location, whilst the initial dispute takes place. Depending upon when the purchase was made, you can request that your bank/issuer impose an immediate Charge Back to the merchant/business while the Fraud team examines the whole mess. Professionally, I do EXACTLY this for a living, and can offer some assurances and guarantees as to the process.


The Benefits OUTWEIGH the risk.Hang in there, persistence, determination and truth about the whole situation is here at this very moment. ----Rash Adelie Penquin

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