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Sears is a good job if its your only option no one is ever on the same page about anything i had 3 supervisors in the 4 month period and the 3rd one walked out right after i quit none of them new what they where doing they would pass a question around untill you got sick of waiting and said forget it. When they give you incentives they will add more rules to make that incentive harder to get.

No one has their own space they say their is no signed seating but the favorites just go to the supervisors and they make you move for them. during trainging they give you a set of rules to go by that are nothing like the rules on the floor,oooo and before i forget this some of the managers should go back and sit threw the trainging classes and be properlly trained so that one. they know what they are doing two.

so they will all be on the same page. Promotions are a joke they are not promotions they are just new names to the same job you do already their is nothing different about them they use a new system ciboodle thats always down or always has problems with we are instructed to write everything down with the intetions of the supervisors are calling them back/or going back and putting them into the system, but we dont we write all that down and then the supervisors usually dispose of them leaving more angry customers for them to screw over this company is corrupt wouldnt wish this place on my worst enemy if you ahve a problem screwing people over then this isnt the job for you.

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