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I went in Sears to purchase a few items and was over charged by $4o. I did not realize until I looked at my bank statement that I was overcharged and not given a receipt. I believe that I was scammed and no one that I have talked to about this problem has helped me.

I did talk to a customer service rep from the main office who informed me that this sort of thing has happened. When I saw the total on the screen it was for $49.31 and somehow was charged exactly $40 more than that. She said a clerk could have a friend come behind you and charge the extra money and then close the sale out.

However because I have no receipt and used debit which is the same as cash no one will help me. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with sears and have taken my child to get pictures every 3 months at the portrait studio. I believe that the company doesn't care about its customers and is aware of the possible scamming going on and just looks the other way.

I conclusion make sure you have your receipt before you leave the store and don't tell the clerk to just put it in the bag. Or else you will end up screwed!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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how does sears know you're not lying? you have no proof. live and learn.

to J Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #749792

Maybe because she has integrity. Something YOU seem to lack.

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