Sear Canada, will sell you appliances that will break down within 12 months period..and their protection agreement does not pay any services to the client..once they got your money.

On Oct 2008 I purchased a $3500.00Kitchen Aid double door fridge..Within 6 month the problems began..The technician advice to me was I to get a protection agreement as soon as possible, since I was going to go through many more repairs. So I did!.

On Nov 2009 my fridge started to freeze on the top shelve. By Jan 2010 the refrigareator became a frezeer..All my food began to freeze from top to the bottom shelve.I called the service department the technician came two weeks after to access the problem. He order a new part which took 2 3weeks to arrive..and it was the wrong part..I waited for another 3 weeks.

The problem persisted..the same part has been change 3 times. Other parts had also been changed and until now I am still serving every morning frozen milk to my children for breakfast. The eggs and vegetables get frozen and end up in the trash.

I had asked for a new fridge, according to the protection agreement after 3 repairs I should get a new fridge or my money back..However, SEARS refuses to refund or exchange the fridge, because as long as the fridge is reparable and pieces are available and the technician does not called it IRREPARABLE..I am not entitle to a new fridge.I guess I will have to live with a fridge that is constantly in need of repair and continue buying their protection agreement. The fridge will continue to break down every month. The technician will never call it irreparable, because , as long as he can find parts and change it even it the part breaks down again within a week.he does not care he got a job. For sure he will never be out of job!!as long as he can change parts!!

As per today Aug 18 my fridge was still waiting for a part that was order 4 weeks ago, the technician show up at my place with the wrong part again..

So far I had have 4 repairs done to the fridge and 3 wrong parts order.

Sad to said that for the past 8 months a huge multinational corporation in North America has failed to care his costumer and their product ***!!

I will never buy big ticket item at SEAR CANADA...again.I had spoken to friends about this issue and they also had had they share with SEARS

Next step will be consumer report complain and court.

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