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I'm from Canada and was sucked in to the new hassle free international orders only 20 when You spend over 100. Great I try and place an order for an electric scooter the shipping comes up 138.99 so I send an email where they offer to credit me back the difference after the order is placed.

So I call in to place it with a live person who seems to do everything but in 3 days no confirmation. I call in again order # does not match address and shipping or credit card used. We can't help you. After a few calls I get someone from online solutions who says the rep.messed the order up and she would have to file a report..then offers to reorder the item for me herself.

So I allowed her to redo she assures me the new sale price and shipping will be refunded after the order. It goes through she says she can't open the order and reimburse the difference call back tomorrow. Nightmare really begins no billing department no manger no one can help. Emails telling me it had not been charged to my card so they couldn't reimburse...but it was and I can clearly see the charges.

I was over charged on the item and the shipping. hour and hours nothing resolved just stock emails. I have now disputed with my credit card I will never ever order from international again.

At least in Canada if you have a problem you can speak with someone who can actually do something. Avoid them you'll thank me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $620.

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