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Sears appliance delivery did not keep the time slot they promised for my washer dryer. I waited 3 hours in the rain for them to show up. They did not show up and did not call. There phone service keeps you on hold for 30 minutes on average and the staff can't help.

I am never going to buy anything from sears again. Advise you to do the same. Home depot and LOWES are great.

I bought a lot of stuff from home depot and Lowes there are issues with everyone however, none such big as was with Sears. They dont respect customers time!

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Center Moriches, New York, United States #227179

I know your frustration! My appt was supposed to be from 10 AM - 2 PM and they didn't show up until 6 PM!

I paid a house sitter ALL DAY to wait for them and it ended up being a waste of time and money (in addition to the dryer which stopped working after only 2 years!). I am furious!

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