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My name is Richard Johnney and Syieta Leonard Phn:000-000-0000

I have never complained about anything until now. I have never experience very poor customer

service like this from any other company. I put an engagement ring in Layaway April 24, 2015. I made

my payments faithfully because I had plans to ask my girlfriend to marry me Oct 11th 2015, which

I've been planning a year for. I went to the Coasta Mesa South Coast Mall Sears to pick up the

engagement ring Oct 10th 2015 and they told me it was canceled. I was shocked due to the ring was

paid off, I immediately asked where the ring was. Luckily it was still there so I put it back in Layaway.

That was the start of the issue. I asked where's my fund so I could pay for the ring again :-( and the

manager proceeded to tell me she couldn't give me a refund in the store and I will get it back within 2

weeks at my address. I advised to please not send a check to my old address due to I'm in the middle

of moving and not sure of the address yet, also the credit cards I used to make payments here and

there on is no longer active and if she could contact someone to stop payment etc... She stated she

couldn’t help me. I called the solution center , they said they couldn’t help me and to contact the

store. I went back and forth for 2 weeks before I got anywhere. finally part of my refund was received

which I just received Oct 17th and it wasn’t my full refund. I asked the manager where is the rest and

she stated it will be refunded to the card. Mind you I told them in the beginning not to do that and

they still did it. I was advised this on Oct 17th, so I waited again to see if she would call me back with

a solution in 24-48 hrs, nothing happened and no call back for the 15th time. I called the solution

dept. Oct 19th to find out where the rest of my refund is and they stated it was refunded, so I asked

what card was the refund sent to and what day was it issued. After review they stated it was never

refunded or issued so he put in a report to find out what happen. Oct 20th I called back and they told

me it just got processed to 2 different cards. very upset at this point due I asked to receive in the

store due to the credit cards wasn’t mine and not active. Customer solution advised me to go to the

store and pick up the refund. I tried calling the store since Oct 19th and couldn’t get one manager on

the phone. It got to the point the retail customer center reps knew may name without me stating who

I was. Once the reps Abbey and crew knew it was me they would just hang up in my face which

happened 5 times in a row on Oct 20th between 6pm-8pm pacific time at 714-850-2100 retail center.

Understand my position please. I'm no longer getting engaged as planned due to this mess. I have

been disrespected by everyone at the south coast mall from the retail customer center reps to the

management in the fine jewelry dept. Please look into the poor customer service from Abbey at the

retail support center and the others who answers the line from 6pm-9pm pacific time. The managers

Tatiana, Marie and one other I cant remember her name. Also the manager up under Tatiana.

Completely no help or real research on the issue. Every last one of them went off of what protocol

says to do which is fine, but if you don't research the issue it doesn't make since. After research was

finally done by higher management, that’s when the manager Marie sent an email to corp. and I was

able to get part of my refund. Fast forwarding to today, i finally got a hold of Tatiana and advised her

I still haven’t received the other part of my refund, which she stated I received on 10/17. Tatiana

wasn't listening to what I was explaining to her due to the system. I told her to call the solution dept.

she called and found out I was right so then she decided to send corporate an email which was today

Oct 21st.

All I wanted was the issue resolved and my funds that I worked hard for. I know my small refunds of

1409.39 doesn’t mean anything to the employees, but for me that’s all I have to get my marriage

started. Which now I'm not sure is going to happen. I'm still waiting for corporate to respond to

Tatiana in order to make a decision on the rest of my refund. This situation hurts my heart only

because my engagement plans are ruined. Took me a year to plan! I'm so over the management and

incompetence. The biggest problem is no one could help me. I know Sears is better than that. It's the

incompetence and careless attitude of certain employees that’s bringing Sears down. I felt helpless

with no one to turn to. This is the type of thing that causes violence in the store. Not saying I would

cause harm to anyone, but I would go to media and let the world know not to shop at Costa Mesa

Sears due to the employees. I can't speak for the rest of the locations or managers. I have never

been a complainer, but this right here is ridiculous. #stillwaitingformyrefund #noengagementnow

#damnshame. So that you know where the problem started, somehow I was making payments to 2

different accounts, but same product. I guess the system took it as I missed a payment and canceled

my order even though on my end it was paid in full. Who really knows what happened!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with product and stated that there is a room for improvement of incompetence and very poor customer service from management and retail support. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of engagement ring and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Sears needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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