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Five years ago we bought a washer, dryer, and fridge. Sears delivery men spent forever hooking up washer and dryer and did not seem to know what they were doing then told me the fridge we ordered was too big and would not even try to install.

Later my husband rescheduled the fridge delivery and it fit perfect but by then all our food had spoiled. Our washer recently broke and we bought from sears again. They came to deliver on christmas eve and could not unhook old one due to it being installed inproperly the first time. They offered the little in the way of apology and said they would send a skinny installation man today who could fit behind it to unhook the old machine.

A call from Sears last night confirmed they would be at our place between 7 and 9. My husband stayed home from working waiting and no one came. After talking with 2 customer service people and a manager we are no farther along. They claim there was no appointment made.

apparently the computer makes the appointments and they cannot be over ridden. So why were we promised this appointment last friday and had a call last night to confirm it? Now we are told they will send someone tomorrow. They refused to give us any discount but offered a 10% off coupon on our next purchase with them.

Seriously????? I would never purchase from Sears again. I'd rather wash my clothes the old fashion way then buy from them.

Anyone looking for appliances I recommend you stay away from Sears. Go to Abt or another appliance store if you want it done right!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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You got the blue light special ... so sorry.

PC Richards,

Best Buy or local merchant are best bets. You only gets

what you's paid for !


back in the mid 1970's Sears was charged by feds for taking advantage of customers for brake jobs and other parts they didnt really need but preyed on the older people. Sears had to give each customer $50 in automotive would have went to prison...anyhow I havent bought ONE thing from Sears since the mid 70's and never will.

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