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I called Sears to see if they repair LG Washing Machings. I was told that they do so I requested service to repair my LG Washer.

The technician that showed up was extremely nice but he was obviously unfamiliar with LG washers. He said that the water pump was the issue. I did not think that wqas correct but he should know right? He replaced the pump and said that it still wasn't draining. My son had to tell him how to make the machine drain the water. Then he worked on it for over an hour and came back to say that it is the main PC Board. He also said that the part wasn't available locally. He said that the part will be "FedExed" here and when it arrives I should call the service nuber and he would be right out. fter waiting 2 days I called the service number to check the status. The person on the phone said that the part was in transit via UPS and is should arrive at my house in 4 more days. Then he said that he can schedule a repair for that part in 6 days.


I would never had agreed to use Sears if 1) I knew that they did not have experience with LG and 2) If i knew that part ordering would take so long.

And why did the repairman say Fed-ex when it was UPS.

I'm just gonna buy another washing machine.

Never use Sears Service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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