Haslett, Michigan
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I called 1-888-portrait twenty minutes ago to schedule an appointment and I received terrible customer service from "Carla".

I received "snappy" comments from Carla early into the call, then she informed me that my local sears store did not have any available time slots for the day I selected. Because I was driving, i asked her to call the store and see if they has any cancellation - she refused.

When I asked Carla for her employee ID number said replied "we are not allowed to give out that information". When I asked to speak with a supervisor she stated "all of the supervisors are busy". I told Carla she could place me on hold until one became available. Within seconds "Mark" ID #6141 came to the phone and apoligized for my experiance.

There are too many studios available that appreciate its customers. I will continue to take my family pictures else where.

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Just to let you know, it doesn't matter where you go, jcp sears pictureme etc...If you dont have someone that loves their job and are proud of the photos being taken you will get *** service. So my opinion is to ask the photographer how many years experience they have and watch how they inneract with the kids or you.

And if all else fails then leave. You do not have to stay and have that bad experience.

Really people we were all born with common sense. Use it.


I work in a sears portrait studio. and personally i have found that of all the chain photo places around we really are the best.

even before i ever worked at a sears studio, i was more pleased with how they did anything than any other studio.... the others frankly sucked. we have the best resolution on the cds, once you get the cds you OWN your pics. and we have standards with our photography and the way we shoot.

its not likes some other places where they shoot 100 exposures and you have 5 poses in the end to choose from. its you get 16 exposures and 14 poses to choose from... we really do try to help our customers the best way possible, so if you want to book appointments PLEASE CALL THE SEARS STORE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE DIRECT NUMBER TO THE STUDIO, THEY WILL TRANSFER YOU TO THE STUDIO and we will be more than happy to try to fit you in on the day you want. thanks...

and please... give us another chance please!


only, just a few corrections. if you called 1-888-portraits when you didn't get the studio.

you got a answering service, probably in another state from the studio you were trying to go to. i don't know about how they normally answer calls but it wasn't a studio that treated you that way. it wasn't even cpi that treated you that way. they hire out for that service.

as for cpi owning picture me thats true, but they don't own sears, they own sears portrait studios (they just rent space in sears and walmarts). and pictureme is run different and seperately from the sears studios. its generally not the company that decides a customer for or against them. its the associates they work with and talk to.

try a different studio or even a different associate. and call the studio next time.


I would Not Recommend Dynasty Iron Doors! "Ever" Low Quality, Made in China, Not energy efficient, metal thresholds that rust and aren't adjustable and *** finish's along with poor grade glass and no choice of hardware plus a 12-14 week wait Support American companies that can at least service what they sell


Then avoid Picture Me as well. CPI, the company that owns Sears, also owns Picture Me, where you can expect the same "great" service.


Yes, you too can endanger the lives of yourself and everyone else around you by driving while chattering on a cell phone. Then gripe because, while you're endangering all those lives, someone won't waste more time with you instead of helping other customers.