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I purchased four new SUV tires at a cost of $780.00 from Sear's Auto Center in Oak Brook, IL. Eddie, my salesman, proceeded to ring up my order automatically adding the $60 Road Hazard Insurance to my invoice without asking permission to do so or even explaining what it was until I challenged him. This is CLEARLY a deceptive practice and one meant to take advantage of a less observant customer.

This was NOT an accident but rather a deliberate attempt to sneak an additional service fee on my bill without my knowledge.

This is NOT the Sears I remember and I will definitely look elsewhere before using their Auto Center again.

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Seared Too

"free after you pay for the policy"?!?!?! BRILLIANT!!! I'm sure Doesn't Matter will use that himself.


Doesn't Matter

So what Sears store do you work for and how many Hazard Policies have you fostered on unsuspecting customers? No one lashes out like that unless they have a guilty conscience or are trying to defend their own deceptive actions.


Long story short I had four tires replaced by Sears Auto at the Natick Mall tonight. The sales guy told me the price and then said that includes "FREE" flat fixes and replacement if needed (and the tire is still has 75% of its life left). He never said I was purchasing a Road Hazard policy. I only saw it as I was perusing the pre-work commitment paperwork in the waiting room. I questioned it and had it removed. I asked how it was free if I was paying $60+ dollars. He said it was free after I paid for the policy. Genius.

There is no doubt in my mind it was intentional deception.

Congrats Sears. You're just like every other rip off garage.


If you listened when you were quoted the tire price, I'm sure he would have told you what was included. But your gonna end up being one of those customers who run over something in the road, get a flat, take it to Sears, and proceed to complain that you were not offered the warranty, and deserve a free tire. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!


Thanks Seared!

I thoroughly get the push to sell warranties. It's the curse of the retail salesperson. He could have asked me about it a dozen times and I would have politely declined knowing he "has" to ask as part of his employment.

The only reason I am even writing is that he deliberately added it to my invoice and then practically went into a whisper when i asked him to explain the extra $60 charge. He is a disgrace to any respectable person that has ever been in sales.


SMARTER THAN YOU: Maybe I don't drive like an *** or buy dime store tires the way you do because I haven't even had a flat in over 25 years. If I get a nail in it I'll spend the $20 to have it repaired not $60.

If, as the Sears pitch goes, "I drive up a curb and destroy the tire" I deserve to pay for a new one. Goof!


Yeah, good job on not getting the road hazard. I hope all four of your tires blow so you have to buy a new set instead of having them replaced for free under the agreement.


Should add that with the pressure to sell agreements is such that the company expects the sales associate to have sold the agreement before the transaction goes to the register.

The sales associate is supposed to bring up the agreement several times before the sale goes to the register.They call it 'planting the seed' so that the customer is more susceptable to the suggestion of purchasing an agreement.

It sounds like this sales associate violated company procedure by not even mentioning the insurance before they went to the register.But the company will not write you up for not following that procedure as long as you are at parity or selling enough agreements.It's pretty apparent why this associate doesn't follow that procedure.


Sears puts alot of un-necessary pressure on their employees to sell agreements.

They call reaching the company goals parity.If you are not at parity YOU ARE in the dog.Sneaking in the agreement is how many react to the pressure to sell agreements.

Another thing they do at Sears is tell you or train you to ask the customer if they want the highest price agreement first then go down in price.

I would report them to the Better Business Bureau or even the media for this store and practice.Depends how far you want to take it.

Glad you caught it,Good going :grin